Development Foundation for Universalization, Cooperation and Creativity

Foundation – a non-profit organization, that uses it’s resources only for the fulfillment of its mission.

Development – the movement of the system to the shifted point of equilibrium.

Universalization – realization of the tendency of each element of any system to acquire practical experience in multilateral study of the whole system.

Cooperation — adding up all possible efforts to complete individually impossible tasks.

Creativity – the process of deliberate application of freely definable efforts in order to increase the measure of perfection of the world.

Our main goal is to help human society to develop in a conscious way. We’ve investigated three main directions, that need to be developed in our society and in it’s every participant’s life.

We acquire our goals by developing and supporting different non-commercial projects, from small one-time meetings to complex socio-cultural designs, constructed of many objects and different events.