Movement of a system towards it's shifting point of equilibrium
Our main goal is to help humankind to develop in a conscious way. We’ve investigated three main directions, that need to be balanced in our society and in almost every side of our daily life.
Foundation for
Non-profit organization, that allocates all it’s resources for the fulfillment of its mission only
We acquire our goals by developing and supporting different non-commercial projects, from small one-time events to complex socio-cultural designs, constructed of nested open projects.
Realisation of any subject's will to acquire practical experience in multilateral study of the whole in existence.
Learning something new always opens unusual ways to see things and perform actions. Mastering a craft is crucial for being full-fledged part of modern society. Aquiring a second craft is a little easier as you already have some real life experience. Skills tend to transfer and help learn more and faster. Once you master a number of skills you can get into the flow of switching and learning crafts that reinforce each other. Creating complex projects needs dozens of diverse tasks. Being able to take and complete all of them for at least a small project is the aquisition of creative independence. Multilateral universally experienced creators are more of an ideal. People exploring something they've been passing by before is the reality we can bring together.
Sum of individual efforts to complete otherwise impossible tasks
It's a pleasure to work together on projects that really matter for the participants and others. Self-motivated and self-coordinated social action can accomplish almost anything. The more independent and universally experienced people are involved, the more complex projects may be realized collaboratively. Some may be there to learn, some will find new friends, some will just make use of the results at the end. It's so fun to build something for the good of others and us together.
Conscious improvement of reality
To really create something is to deliberately apply free efforts to increase the subjective world perfection. People are able to envision ideal forms of things. And it helps them find ways to get a step towards unaccessable ultimate beauty. Creators find this as an endless journey for life.
To balance the excess of specialisation, competition and consumerism in modern culture by providing ways to explore creative collaboration potential of humans and the society as a whole.
Pillars of modern value system
Specialization, both in nature and economics, focuses on developing specific skills or products for survival or market dominance. However, this narrow focus often overlooks the need for broader skills and adaptability, leading to dissatisfaction among individuals who cannot fully realize their potential or engage meaningfully with their community.
Competition, a fundamental principle in both biology and economics, is a double-edged sword. While it drives innovation and progress, it also creates a "winner takes all" environment, often leading to monopolization and leaving many individuals or entities at a disadvantage.
Consumption, the engine of modern economies, is often overemphasized as the primary human desire. This focus on material consumption often overshadows other human needs such as self-realization, respect, and meaningful communication. The relentless pursuit of consumption can lead to a cycle of temporary satisfaction followed by intense dissatisfaction, driving the economy but leaving many individuals unfulfilled.
The DeFUCC Foundation is a non-formal social organisation that aims to promote Universalization, Cooperation and Creativity in individuals and society.
Since 2012, we have been conducting extensive research and developing and implementing a range of socio-cultural programmes for the benefit of humanity. We gather and synthesise a range of theoretical and practical experiences and aim to share these valuable insights with the world. Our mission is to invent, test and refine new forms of human social activity that can benefit communities around the world. We openly systematise this knowledge into a unified system that is not a dogma, but rather a starting point for those who wish to join us on the journey of transforming ourselves and the world around us.
The purpose of the Foundation is to find ways to fund at least part of these endeavours in such a way that they remain open source and available to the general public. This means that anyone can get involved in the development of socio-cultural projects at any time. Eventually, the people around them and society as a whole will recognise the benefits of these enterprises, and new forms of meaningful connections between community sponsors and beneficiaries will emerge as new real-world social networks.
In order to work in a coordinated way towards clear goals, it is important to understand each other well. That is why we are developing a special language for productive communication, the Fruit Discourse. The social model of the Foundation's development is based on the principles of voluntary participation and mutual support. And it's economy is based on prehistoric gift-exchange practices, re-imagined with modern evolving p2p technologies.
Technology appears to be quite a heavy burden for most of us, despite the benefits on it's sharp edge. And there's enough of it to build globally interconnected, self-governing communities working together to bring harmony to the planet. We can find ways to use it's power properly, which means using tech to make the world a better place to live in.
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